For women, it is one of the biggest challenges: running a family, working hard and also finding the time to recharge. Having an ambitious job in combination with parenting means a lot will be asked from you. Thinking about how to best combine everything can, therefore, be quite challenging.

Are you looking for a better balance between work, family and yourself?

During our coaching sessions, you are able to work together towards having more energy and a better balance. Scroll down to see our coaching sessions.

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POWER MOM 1 Session

Price: €295, - 1 day
For every ambitious mother who seeks to improve her work-life balance

Do you ask yourself, as a mother, how you are able to manage everything: work, family and also have time for yourself?

The first following coaching day is on January 18th

The Power mom coaching session provides reflection where your motivation plan will help you to take steps towards becoming the best version of yourself both as Power mom and professional.

POWER MOM 4 Sessions

Price: € 690,- 4 dagdelen
Boost your balance with the Power mom annual program

Are you looking for a strong balance and do you want to work on this for a longer period with a group of like-minded women, then the Power mom annual program is for you. Take time to work towards the best version of yourself.

The Power mom annual program starts October 8 2019.

Boost your balance by taking steps throughout the year that ensure that you can be the best version of yourself, as a Power mom and professional.

EXECUTIVE COACHING 4 Sessions Price: € 1.260,- 4 sessions
For women aiming to have a top position or who have their own business and want to make the next step.

How do you keep yourself focused? How do you keep developing yourself? During the executive coaching sessions, you will gain insight into how to put your ambitions into practice.

The process consists of four 1-on-1 sessions with founder Esther van Diepen.